TA-65MD® Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

March 4, 2015

TA Sciences Lawsuit

The news is in: the landmark TA-65MD® Lawsuit has been resolved. A U.S. District Court in New York found in favor of the T.A. Sciences organization and their TA-65® telomere-shortening supplement. The jury in this case, also known as Patton v. Egan, found unanimously that Egan (defendant) acted maliciously and defamed T.A. Sciences (plaintiff). Also as a part of this result, the claims that Egan was discriminated against and defamed by the plaintiff.

The result is actually the second TA-65MD® Lawsuit with a positive result for T.A. Sciences. An early ruling found that Egan was not allowed to claim damages in his claims that T.A. Sciences was marketing its TA-65® supplement with deceptive acts and practices.

On the subject of the TA-65MD® Lawsuit, Noel Thomas Patton, T.A. Sciences Founder said: “We are pleased that the jury recognized that T.A. Sciences operates with the highest integrity in its business practices. We also appreciate that the court acknowledged the strong scientific basis behind its product claims,”

For more information about T.A. Sciences’ official response to the TA-65MD® Lawsuit, visit the T.A. Sciences website for a full press release.

TA-65MD® Lawsuit: Just What is TA-65®?

In order to best comprehend the TA-65MD® Lawsuit ruling, it’s crucial to understand what the TA-65® supplement is. As outlined in the result of the TA-65MD® Lawsuit, TA-65® is an evidence-based nutritional supplement created by T.A. Sciences.

TA-65® is designed to combat the lengthening of telomeres. Telomeres are attached to each chromosome in the human body. Telomeres naturally become shorter as a person ages. When they are shortened, telomeres contribute to cellular aging. Cellular aging leads to the advancement of biological age. This is how old a person is medically, as opposed to chronologically.

The TA-65® product discussed in the TA-65MD® Lawsuit is:

  • Considered generally safe by the FDA
  • Available in capsules
  • Based on evidence and research
  • All-natural and plant based

TA-65 is designed to help fight the negative physical and mental side effects of aging.

The TA-65MD® Lawsuit: A Boon for Consumers

Far from a victory for just T.A. Sciences, the TA-65MD® Lawsuit represents a positive for consumers in generally. That’s because the court in the TA-65MD® Lawsuit recognized the important evidence and research behind the TA-65® supplement.

It’s this scientific backing that makes TA-65® a revolutionary product in the world of health and wellness. Through this effective treatment, many people taking the supplement have benefitted from shorter telomeres, turning back the clock on the biological age.

Through the result of the TA-65MD® Lawsuit, it’s clear that the T.A. Sciences organization is dedicated to providing consumers with an effective, evidence-based product. If you are interested in learning more about the resolution of the TA-65MD® Lawsuit, visit this website explaining the full T.A. Sciences lawsuit.